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Based on real events, Bordertown is the story of Patricia Barnes, country hairdresser who created Bob Hawke’s ‘silver bodgie’ hair style. Faced with her own waning notoriety, she compels her daughter, Felicity, to head to Hollywood and become a star. After scoring a job on a major production, Felicity starts dating B-List actor and former stand-up comedian, Emilio Sanchez, much to the delight of her mother and a bunch of Australian gossip mags. After a mere two weeks, however, the relationship falls apart and all hell breaks loose in a small town obsessed with fame.

Praise for Matt Hawkins' and SAPT Previous Work

…a heart-felt play… a beautiful story, well executed by cast and crew, which will leave you with a smile and a tear.”

Nicola Woolford, Glam Adelaide

“Deftly played, and directed by the writer with a light touch, Frank Forbes and the Yahoo Boy is a delight...”
Peter Burdon, The Advertiser

“Frank Forbes and the Yahoo Boy” is blowing the cobwebs away from the dark and dusty corners of Adelaide theatre and bringing us delightfully into the modern day.”

Maggie Wood, Adelaide Theatre Guide

New theatrical works by local writers are always a welcome commodity… especially when a play as fine as ‘The Middle Way’ makes it to the stage…it is a strong and highly satisfying work.”

Anthony Vawser, Adelaide Theatre Guide

“This team is very experienced…The Middle Way is as a delightful evening at Holden Street Theatres that I thoroughly recommend.”

Pamela Watts, Broadway World


Meet the Residents of Bordertown

Patricia Barnes

Bordertown’s leading hair dresser and inventor of Bob Hawke’s ‘silver bodgie’ hair do, Patricia has seen better days, both romantically, financially and mentally. She desperately wants to get her groove back, but how far will she go?

Felicity 'Flick' Barnes

Flick Barnes has spent most of her life believing she’s the love child of former PM Bob Hawke and basking in her mother’s semi-famous shadow. With dreams of greatness she heads to Hollywood, but how will this mediocre make-up artist ever find herself on the right side of the screen?

Emilio Sanchez

He’s a B-Grade comedian from Grixdale, Illinois, whose last and only claim to fame was as the jive-ass talkin’ janitor in early 90’s teen comedy ‘Screwball High’. After a three-year hiatus how can this wise crackin’ Latino funny man break back into the big time?

Randy Jensen

From Islington Community Theatre to Hollywood agent, Randy has come a long way and has no intention of going back. Representing rising star Emilio Sanchez, this loquacious Londoner one day hopes to be rubbing shoulders with Bobby De Niro at the LA Country Club.


Dennis is a taxi driver. Few people catch Dennis’ taxi in Bordertown because most things are within walking distance. Dennis is starting to wonder whether anyone even knows he exists. He looked up the word ‘existential’ in the dictionary and is wondering if it applies to him.



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Genre: Theatre

Origin: SA

Rating: PG

Duration: 105 mins (incl. Interval)

Season: 2019

Dates: 2 April - 13 April

2-6 April; 9-13 April: 7:30pm

Sun 7 April - 6pm


Adult: $23.25
Concession: $18.25

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Studio

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